As part of the 7 Water for Africa projects, the objective of MADFORWATER is to reduce water vulnerability in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. The main MADFORWATER benefits and impacts are:

  • MADFORWATER will implement innovative technical approaches and solutions resulting in an increasing long-term trend of wastewater treated in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. The project’s technologies and solutions will be piloted in four locations.
  • MADFORWATER will provide tools for a better water vulnerability analysis, leading to a correct identification of the most water-vulnerable areas and to potential areas for treated wastewater reuse in agriculture.
  • MADFORWATER will develop decision support tools and economic instruments leading to an operational and effective application of integrated water management.
  • MADFORWATER will support the capacity building of local actors in relation to the implementation of the selected technologies, strategies and policies, through training, knowledge transfer and increased social acceptance activities.
  • MADFORWATER will increase economic and social well-being in Mediterranean African Countries, through an increased agricultural production, a higher food security, a decreased food contamination, a decreased cost of waste water treatment, and an increased income and employment in the water treatment and agricultural sectors in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.
  • MADFORWATER will support the achievement of internationally agreed water-related goals in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia by increasing treated wastewater reuse in agriculture, reducing groundwater catchment, implementing integrated and participated water management approaches at basin and country level, reducing fertilizer consumption and decreasing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • MADFORWATER will increase the competitiveness and market penetration in MACs of European water and irrigation industries.

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