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Third stakeholder consultation workshop of MADFORWATER in Cairo

05 Jul 2019

third consultation workshop members

The third stakeholder consultation workshop of MADFORWATER took place in Cairo, on April 2, 2019, in the framework of the FAO congress “NENA Land and Water Days”.

Results, discussions and questions

The stakeholder workshop was articulated into 3 sections:

  • in the 1st one, MADFORWATER researchers presented the main results relative to the project’s water management strategies and technologies.
  • The 2nd section consisted in a panel discussion on how to maximize the effectiveness and impact of the MADFORWATER technologies and water management strategies, taking into account the specific features of the Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian context. The invited panelists were Ridha Gabbouj (Director General DGGREE Ministry of Agriculture WR&F, Tunisia), Ahmed Rashed (National Water Research Center, Egypt), Javier Mateo-Sagasta (International Water Management Institute) and Amgad Elmahdi (International Water Management Institute).
  • The 3rd section consisted in questions and feedbacks form the participants to the session. In addition to the 4 above-listed panelists, 28 stakeholders from several Near East and North African countries participated to this stakeholder consultation workshop.