Public documents

During the project’s lifetime information on MADFORWATER will be shared here. Apart from the public deliverables this will include information on project progress, findings and results.

For a general introduction on the goal, concept, objectives, results and other aspects of MADFORWATER please find here the MADFORWATER introductory presentation

Enjoy reading our first project newsletter in English, French and Arabic:
it focuses on updates on the MADFORWATER activities, a list of the conferences where MADFORWATER has been or will be presented and a wide description of our consortium!

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The following public deliverables are foreseen in the project:

D1.1 Report on needs and priorities in the field of international cooperation agreements on water management in the target MACs (M12)
D1.2 Water stress and water vulnerability indicators and maps (M20)
D1.3 Effects of water stress on food security and socio-economic development (M30)
D1.4 Water vulnerability assessment framework (M40)
D2.1 SOPs relative to the WP2 and WP3 technologies (M4)
D3.4 Final report on the water & crop allocation model (M36)
D5.1_Review of the use of economic instruments in water management in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia
D5.2 WW management strategies and water & land management strategies in agriculture (M42)
D5.3 DSTs for WW treatment management and for water & land management in agriculture (M48)
D6.1 Integrated water & land management strategies and policy recommendations (M48)
D6.4 Guidelines for the adaptation of the project outcomes beyond the project boundaries (M48)
D7.2 Dissemination and communication plan(M6)
D7.3_First update of the dissemination and communication plan
D7.5 Stakeholder Consultation Workshops (M45)
D7.6 First report on the dissemination activities and materials. Visual identity, promotion materials, online engagement with stakeholders, media activity, technical dissemination

Scientific publications:

  • Davide Pinelli, Aurora Esther Molina Bacca, Ankita Kaushik, et al., Batch and Continuous Flow Adsorption of Phenolic Compounds from Olive Mill Wastewater: A Comparison between Nonionic and Ion Exchange Resins, International Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol. 2016, Article ID 9349627, 13 pages, 2016. doi:10.1155/2016/9349627